Healthy Americans works to create content to improve health, primarily through a focus on sleep topics. Our articles have discussed how much sleep people need to be healthy and various products that can help sleepers with medical conditions rest easier at night.

Our team not only spends hours creating informative articles and thorough, unbiased product reviews and buyer's guides, but is also dedicated to keeping our articles free and accessible to all readers.

To better provide for readers without any expense to them, Healthy Americans has partnered with several companies in the sleep product and sleep healthy industry, as well as with various online retailers. Through these relationships, we at Healthy Americans can devote more of our time and energy to producing well-researched and easily understood sleep resources. Many of our articles and other content will have affiliate links and advertisements.

In the interests of full transparency, we will succinctly explain how these relationships help Healthy Americans stay active:

  1. Healthy Americans may receive a commission from affiliate links to select products on certain pages. The money we receive from these commissions helps cover site costs, and each page that has an affiliate link is clearly marked for minimal confusion. However, our website does more than earn commissions, with every member of our team dedicated to promoting an understanding of sleep and other health-related topics.
  2. Because of the way commissions and affiliate programs are set up with delayed payments, we do not receive money on a bad sell. Should a reader buy a product we recommend, find it doesn't suit their needs and returns the product, any commission we might have been issued is rescinded. Therefore, we are motivated to spotlight products that are likely to satisfy the majority of consumers, after our editorial team has researched and vetted the product themselves.

To keep our published content free of any biases, we adhere to the following editorial process:

  1. Our writers research deeply into their given topic. Resources our writers turn to for information include academic journals, scientific reviews of clinical trials, outreach articles from medical organizations, and other primary and secondary sources to craft an accurate and engaging article.
  2. Once the research is completed and the article has been written and gone through preliminary edits, the writer submits their article to an editor. This editor double-checks the research, making sure the information communicated is clear and precise.
  3. After the article has met with the editor's approval, it's submitted for final approval from the in-house sleep expert, a Certified Sleep Science Coach. They must approve the article for it to be published.

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