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At Healthy Americans, we strive to provide you with an up-to-date understanding of sleep science and ways to improve sleep. As part of our mission, we review various products to highlight the ones you can trust to provide great results.

Our Mission

1. Thorough, well-supported research

At Healthy Americans, we comb through the latest sleep studies and related medical research for high-quality, factually backed articles.

2. Peer reviewed by knowledgeable experts

Healthy Americans works with a panel of medical experts to double-check our content for a clearer, deeper understanding of our topics.

3. Fact-checked and science-based

Our articles cite some of the foremost medical and scientific authorities, from hospitals and medical universities to peer-reviewed academic journals.

4. Frequently updated with latest findings

Medical understanding can change and new studies can create a need for further clarification. We work with our team of experts to stay on top of these updates as they occur.

The Team

Ellen Ireland is a full-time writer with experience in mattresses, sleep disorders, technical writing, and marketing content. She has been a Content Creator at Amerisleep since 2020.

Ellen has firsthand experience with overcoming issues surrounding sleep. She’s especially passionate about medication-free solutions to sleep problems. So she’s always researching to help her readers find the right sleep technology and sleep hygiene methods that work for them.

Lindsey Madsen is a freelance writer with a Bachelor’s in Liberal Arts from New Saint Andrews College. Her writing experience includes journalism, website creation, and commissioned creative projects. Lindsey currently researches and writes mattress-related articles; her articles cover a range of topics, including the differences between specific mattresses and what mattress is best for each sleep style.

Dejah Braggs innovative copywriter and social media content strategist with experience writing cross-channel copy for web content, social media, and advertising materials. Dejah is adept at a range of communication formats including feature articles, blogs, emails, podcasts, and social media. She thrives in spaces that allow her to be autonomous and champion success by building collaborative relationships.

Advertising Disclosure

At Healthy Americans, we try out and review a wide range of different products. When talking about these products, we may use affiliate links so you can see for yourself what shops and goods we recommend.

Should you click on an affiliate link and choose to purchase a product, we do earn a small commission from the retailer. This allows us to keep our service online and active and give us the means to expand our content selection.

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