Surveys Say Cut Defense, Not Domestic Programs

May 10, 2012
by Merrill Goozner
Fiscal Times


House Republicans later today will pass legislation that slashes billions of dollars from domestic programs like food stamps and health care to free up money for defense. The goal, driven by the Republican party-wide vow to never raise taxes, is to avoid the mandatory cuts in military spending that are slated for early next year as part of sequestration.

The bloated defense budget would be cut $454 billion over ten years on top of the $487 billion in cuts included in the 2011 debt ceiling deal.  Last August, Defense Secretary Leon Panetta said they would have devastating effects on our national defense. Cuts to domestic spending are no less draconian since they, too are added to existing program cuts. $417 billion in cuts go deep and wide at a time of high unemployment, with Medicare, education, and a slew of poverty programs targeted. 


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