Baby boomers becoming more obese, could result in high Medicare costs

July 19, 2011
by Ryan Jaslow
CBS News

Baby boomers fear dying from cancer, or losing their memory from Alzheimer's as they age. What they should be worrying about is their growing waist lines, as the generation's obesity problem can cause serious health risks and take a toll on the U.S. healthcare system in the not-so-distant future.

A new Associated poll found baby boomers are more obese than past generations, which can make for some unpleasant and unhealthy senior years. 

So much for 60 being "the new 50."

Part of the problem is a sedentary lifestyle. Most adults are supposed to get vigorous exercise for 2 1/2 hours a week. That may come from doing simple activities four to five times a week like taking a brisk walk, participating in a dance class, or pushing a lawn mower. But the surveyed boomers only exercise enough to raise their heart rates about once a week, if that. Worse, 37 percent don't strength-train whatsoever, missing out on a crucial activity that fights muscle loss that comes with aging.


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