Higgins Dismayed By Vote Taking Away Cancer Prevention Programs

April 15, 2011
Amherst Times

Congressman Says Cuts will lead to Increased Costs and Unnecessary Deaths

Today, Congressman Brian Higgins (NY-27) voted against Repealing the Prevention and Public Health Fund, H.R. 1217, legislation which would repeal $34.59 million in grants to New York State aimed at assisting community efforts to prevent disease, detect it early, and manage conditions before they become severe.

“As Congress is working on a framework to control our country’s economic future, let’s remember that an ounce of prevention can avoid a ton of costs,” said Congressman Higgins. “Repealing a health fund that has targeted and positive impact on controlling health costs and saving lives makes zero sense.  Worse than that, this move would increases costs, cause unnecessary deaths and weaken our country’s economy.  This is a step backward when we need to move our country forward.”

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