EDITORIAL: Who's the fattest of them all?

July 7, 2009
by Editorial Staff
New Orleans Times-Picayune

Louisiana has company when it comes to being heavy. A quarter of U.S. adults are obese, according to a new report, and obesity was up in 23 states over the past year.

We might feel downright svelte compared to Mississippi, which had the highest obesity rate for the fifth year in a row.

But Louisiana's eighth-place ranking for adults and seventh place for children is nothing to boast about. Overall, the South leads the country when it comes to obesity.

Louisiana has taken some positive steps, according to the Trust for America's Health report. The state has set nutritional standards for food sold in school vending machines and screens children for obesity. But Louisiana has not set nutritional requirements that are stricter than USDA standards for school breakfasts, lunches and snacks.