Help is on the way at the FDA

March 16, 2009
by Jeffery Levi, PhD
Google News

President Obama made the highly anticipated announcement of who will head the Food and Drug Administration during his weekly radio address this week, and it was good news for anyone in America who cares about the quality and safety of the food they eat, pharmaceuticals, and medical devices. Peggy Hamburg has been nominated to serve as Commissioner of the FDA, the nation's largest regulatory agency.

The President could not have made a better choice to get this embattled agency back on track. I know because I have worked on public health issues with Peggy Hamburg for over 20 years, and she is an active board member of Trust for America’s Health, the group I direct in Washington, DC. Through the years, she has not only earned my trust, but the trust of the entire public health community. She’s done it the hard way. Hamburg has made Americans safer by protecting us from a diverse array of threats, including HIV/AIDS, infectious disease, food borne illness, and bioterrorism. Throughout her career, she has always acted in the best interests of everyday American families, making decisions that were grounded in science and evidence. We can expect her to continue these efforts as she takes the helm of the FDA.

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