Exercise might improve students' academic work

January 29, 2008
by Editorial
Beauforte Gazette

A 2007 study informed the nation that South Carolina is among the states sprinting toward the goal of becoming the heaviest state in the nation. Last year it climbed to fifth-heaviest -- from 13th in 2004 -- according to The Trust for America's Health. Trust for America's Health officials said that government must play a role in preventing obesity. South Carolinians rank high on a list of problems associated with being overweight: diabetes, heart problems and other chronic diseases. As weight climbs, health problems often become worse. Among the things that everyone can do is exercise, which stimulates the entire body, including the brain. That stimulation just might be the answer to increasing learning achievement among all students. A mandatory program to achieve a physically fit student body might be the most important one the board of education could focus on. It could improve academics, discipline and health -- which wouldn't be a bad triple play.

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