Grading Preparedness: Trust for America’s Health

December 18, 2007
by Joe Mantone
Wall Street Journal Health Blog

Well, as the group’s deputy director Kim Elliott explains, the not-for-profit serves two roles. For starters, it’s an advocate for public health and studies issues such as obesity. The group, however, seems to make the most headlines with its other role: monitor of how taxpayer dollars are spent on emergency preparedness. “I would say we’re the nation’s primary watchdog” on emergency preparedness spending, Elliott says. Elliott says TFAH won’t take donations from the government or corporations because that would represent a conflict of interest in its role as a watchdog. The group was started when the nation needed a preparedness watchdog the most — in the middle of 2001. Shortly after TFAH was formed, Sept. 11 and anthrax attacks helped bring bioterrorism and other emergency issues into the forefront.

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