Flu Plan Assumes Dire Risk

May 3, 2006
by Jeff Nesmith
Atlanta Journal-Constitution

Schools would have to teach students over TV feeds or the Internet, businesses would need to restrict close contact among employees, possibly having them work from home, and communities would have to know how well hospitals and morgues could respond to surging demand --- sobering warnings included in a plan for responding to a flu pandemic the White House is to release today... ...The health advocacy group Trust for America's Health has criticized the president's plan as failing to provide what they consider sufficient financial support to local agencies. "The real elephant in the room is not addressed in this plan," said Jeffrey Levi, executive director of the trust, "and that's how we are going to pay for it." Levi also warned that the president's strategy did not appear to adequately fund the CDC, especially to carry out its responsibility for stockpiling and rapidly distributing vaccine and antiviral drugs.

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