• Outbreaks: Protecting Americans from Infectious Diseases

    The Outbreaks: Protecting Americans from Infectious Diseases report finds the nation’s ability to prevent and control infectious disease outbreaks are hampered by outdated systems and limited resources.

  • Prevention and Public Health Stories in the States

    Visit for examples of how investments in prevention is helping making the healthy choice the easy choice in communities across the county.

  • The Truth About the Prevention and Public Health Fund

    The Truth about the Prevention Fund includes an overview of the Fund, which is the nation’s largest single investment in prevention, using evidence-based and innovative partnership approaches to improve the health of Americans.

  • The Prevention Fund: A Matter of Life and Death

    Just 10 of the reasons why the prevention fund is deadly serious. Click the image to download your copy.

  • The Prevention Fund: A Matter of Life and Death

    Shouldn’t America try to prevent diseases, instead of just treating people after they’re already sick, and it’s often too late? Just three of the reasons why the Prevention Fund is deadly serious. Click the image to download your copy.

  • Healthier Choices, Healthier Lives

    “Healthier Choices, Healthier Lives” available at Healthier Choices Healthier Lives, shows how the Affordable Care Act helps people make healthier choices by providing  greater access to nutritious foods, like fresh fruits and vegetables, and free places to exercise.

  • Who Wins the Race?

    “Who Wins the Race?” available at Who Wins the Race?, features how the Affordable Care Act recognizes the link between living healthier and keeping people out of the doctor’s office

  • Preventing the Flu

    “Last Year, Jeffrey Had to Skip His Flu Shot,” available at Flu Shot, features the importance of flu shots and, more broadly, prevention.

The Health Reform Law and Prevention – What It Means

Health reform means millions of Americans will be spared from preventable diseases – like heart disease and diabetes – resulting in major savings in health care costs and improved productivity.

The Health Reform Law and Preventative Care

  • Health insurance companies providing new group or individual plans will now be required to offer the most effective, proven preventive services, with no co-payments or deductibles, like immunizations, diabetes, cholesterol and colorectal cancer screenings, and prenatal health care.
  • People covered by Medicare Part B will receive annual wellness visits and a personalized prevention plan, with no co-payment or deductibles.

How the Health Reform Law Will Help Proven Community Disease Prevention Programs

  • Every state and thousands of neighborhoods around the country will be eligible to receive grants to support proven, effective disease prevention programs that help make healthy choices easier for Americans, such as improving nutrition in schools, smoking quit lines, walking trails and injury prevention programs.
  • Chain restaurants will be required to provide nutrition labeling of standard menu items, providing Americans with the information they need to make educated decisions when ordering.