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Substance Abuse and Misuse

Substance Abuse and Misuse

Prescription drug abuse has quickly become a top public health concern, as the number of drug overdose deaths - a majority of which are from prescription drugs – have risen dramatically. Prescription drug related deaths now outnumber those from heroin and cocaine combined and drug overdose deaths exceed motor vehicle-related deaths in a majority of states.

A number of promising strategies have been developed to address the problem — particularly focusing on prevention and providing effective substance abuse treatment. Since the problem has grown so quickly, there is not yet an extensive amount of research on the most effective strategies to address the issue, but a range of approaches have been developed based on the best advice from medical professionals and public health and drug prevention experts.

"Prescription drugs can be a miracle for many, but misuse can have dire consequences. The rapid rise of abuse requires nothing short of a full-scale response - starting with prevention and education all the way through to expanding and modernizing treatment," said Jeffrey Levi, PhD, executive director of TFAH. "There are many promising signs that we can turn this around - but it requires urgent action."

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Press Releases

July 2, 2018
Trust for America’s Health and Well Being Trust Launch National Resilience Strategy Blueprint to Raise Awareness of and Offer Solutions for Drug, Alcohol and Suicide Crises

June 14, 2018
TFAH and WBT: The Nation Must Heed Calls for Help, We Must do More to Prevent Deaths of Despair Many Proven, Evidence-Based Interventions Exist and Should Be Implemented

February 22, 2018
Deaths from Alcohol, Drugs and Suicide for People of Color Rise Dramatically, Although Still Below the Rates of White Americans Deaths from Alcohol, Drugs and Suicide Reach Highest Level Ever Recorded

December 21, 2017
New Data Shows Drug Overdoses Increased in 40 States and Washington, D.C. Opioids Put Death Rates on Worst Case Scenario Track for the Nation

November 21, 2017
New Report: More than 1.6 Million Americans Could Die from Drugs, Alcohol and Suicide During Next Decade – A 60 Percent Increase from Previous 10 Years Study Highlights Solutions, Calls for National Resilience Strategy

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