Shortchanging America's Health 2005

A State-by-State Look at how Federal Public Health Dollars are Spent

February 2005

TFAH Releases New Study Ranking Amount and Impact of Federal Public Health Funds in Each State; Nationwide Poll on Health Concerns; and Analysis of President's Budget

New TFAH studies examine several health-related topics:

TFAH's study "Shortchanging America's Health: A State by State Look at How Federal Public Health Dollars Are Spent" examines key health statistics in each state and key public health funds each state receives. States are also ranked (most to least) by per capita funds received from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). Specific state information is available via the below map.

TFAH's poll on America's Top Health Concerns examines national perceptions of a number of health-related issues, including: a ranking of top health concerns, perceptions of the nation's readiness for natural emergencies or terrorist attacks, and difference in men's versus women's opinions on disaster preparedness.

TFAH's analysis of the President's FY 2006 budget includes a detailed examination of the proposed cut of nearly 7 percent to the Centers of Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

Complete Report: Shortchanging America's Health (1.3MB .pdf)

Poll Memorandum: Poll on America's Top Health Concerns and Emergency Preparedness (26K .pdf)

Budget Analysis: Analysis of President's Proposed FY 2006 CDC Budget (17K .pdf)

TFAH Release: Study Finds Little Correlation Between States' Health and Money Received from Federal Government; Proposed Cut to CDC Would Impact State Disease Prevention Efforts, Bioterrorism

TFAH Release: Proposed Cut to CDC in President's Budget Proposal Shortchanges America's Health and Bioterror Preparedness; Out of Step with Americans' Concerns According to New Poll