Will Historic White House Actions On Resistance Scant The Role of Farms?

September 28, 2015
by Maryn McKenna
National Geographic

When the strategy and PCAST report were released last year, their contents demonstrated how sensitive this issue continues to be. The report called only for “education” and “monitoring” around farm antibiotic use; the strategy called for more aggressive actions, but was not as tough on farm antibiotic use as on medical use.  In one  of many reactions, attorney Mae Wu of the Natural Resources Defense Council told the journal Nature: ““It’s a little too passive… How long do we have to wait for them to take more aggressive action to reduce the amount of antibiotic use on farms?” Similarly, the nonprofit Trust for America’s Health said, “We are concerned that the PCAST report does not make powerful enough recommendations around the routine agricultural use of medically-important antibiotics in food animal production.”

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