Five possible targets for Ebola funds

October 21, 2014
by Rebecca Shabad
The Hill

Richard Hamburg, deputy director at Trust for America’s Health, said hospitals need to improve their training to healthcare workers and be better prepared for future outbreaks.

Funding for the federal Hospital Preparedness Program, which helps improve planning and coordination between hospitals, dropped from $358 million in 2013 to $255 million this year, so this could be another area where the administration looks to bolster resources.

“If you put some resources into the public health system, it’s going to help you in whatever the next emergency might be whether it’s a hurricane coming through or an act of bioterrorism or another pandemic flu, or food-borne illness. You have to be resilient,” Hamburg said.

“You can’t just turn on the switch and provide these funds after an outbreak. You can’t stop everything from happening. But the key is you can mitigate the effects.”

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