Texas Pharmacists, Health Care Organizations, Elected Officials and Others Highlight Importance of Vaccinate Texas

December 12, 2013
Sacramento Bee

Leaders remind Texans that it's not too late to get vaccinated,protect themselves during peak flu season

DALLAS, Dec. 12, 2013 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- By December, many Texans may mistakenly feel that it is too late to get vaccinated against the flu.  But December through February is the peak season for the flu in Texas and by getting immunized during December, the vaccine will offer several more months of protection.  Running concurrently to the Centers for Disease Controland Prevention's (CDC) National Influenza Vaccination week (NIVW) from December 8th – 14th, a wide array of Texas pharmacists, health care organizations, legislators and other government agencies and groups are making a push to educate Texans on the importance of receiving the flu vaccination.

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SOURCE Pharmacy Choice and Access Now (PCAN)

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