Population Health Fuel? Community-Based Initiatives

October 23, 2013
by John Commins
Health Leaders

The need for big changes driven by healthcare reform brings tremendous opportunities for community hospitals to play an even greater role in the health and welfare of the people they serve. Having a leadership strategy is crucial.

Hospital and physician leaders across the country have expressed legitimate concerns about the population health movement and their responsibilities for controlling health outcomes that are almost entirely determined by what happens outside of the hospital walls.

Clinicians can provide the best medical care in the world and can give a patient explicit post-discharge instructions and a medication regimen only to see that patient return to the emergency department a week or so after discharge back into his reality. In the brave new reimbursement world, providers will have a financial stake in that readmission.

Fair or not, that is the new reality of healthcare reform and to their credit most hospital and physician leaders have that I have spoken with have accepted their new responsibilities.


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