Adult Obesity Rates Remain High but Held Steady

August 19, 2013
by Jeff Levi
Huffington Post

For 10 years, F as in Fat, a study by TFAH and the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, has raised awareness about the seriousness of the obesity epidemic. And, after decades of bad news, we're finally seeing signs of progress. Recently, we found that obesity rates remained level in every state except for one in the past year.

And, since 2005, there has been some evidence that the rate of increase has been slowing.According to data compiled by my organization and the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation: In 2005, every state but one experienced an increase in obesity rates; in 2008, rates increased in 37 states; in 2010, rates increased in 28 states; and in 2011, rates increased in 16 states.

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