The 'Comeback' of the Twinkie: 22.5 Billion Calories (and Counting) That Americans Don't Need

August 21, 2013
by Josh Stevens
Huffington Post

While the demise of the Twinkie last November saw uproarious cries, outrageous eBay bidding wars, and passionate tweets in the street, it seemed that Americans had finally accepted that life would go on without the beloved Twinkie, and that we would all live happily (and healthily) ever after.

However, it seems that Hostess needed a blockbuster sequel to help ensure its post-bankruptcy rebound. Earlier last month, the company reinstated the Twinkie and several other popular "snack" cakes that America had learned to live without for the past seven months. While the returning snack cake is slightly lower in calories and size than the original, the shelf-life has extended from 25 days to an even more unsettling 45 days -- I suspect that the 39 ingredients involved in making a Twinkie have something to do with that.

Upon discovering that no nutritional information or any of the 39 ingredients that make up the Twinkie are listed on the Hostess corporate website, the Keas team has set up "#TwinkieWatch2013," to test and observe the new 45-day shelf life. You can join in the journey by following the blog posts and following @Keas and the corresponding hashtag.

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