Research Roundup: Trust For America's Health/Robert Wood Johnson Foundation:

April 5, 2013
by Alvin Tran
Kaiser Health News

Trust For America's Health/Robert Wood Johnson Foundation: Investing In America's Health: A State-By-State Look At Public Health Funding And Key Health Facts – According to the authors "investing in disease prevention is the most effective, common-sense way to improve health – helping to spare millions of Americans from developing preventable illness, reducing health care costs, and improve the productivity of the American workforce so we can be competitive with the world." The authors say the nation's public health system has remained underfunded for decades and examine funding and key health facts in every state. They highlight several findings including inadequate federal funding for public health; cuts in states and local funding; wide variations in states' disease rates and other health statistics; and wide variations in health statistics within states. They conclude that "a sustained and sufficient level of investment in prevention is essential to improving health in the United States and that differences in disease rates will not be changed unless an adequate level of funding is provided to support public health departments and disease prevention efforts" (Levi, Segal, Laurent, and Lang, 4/2013).

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