GUEST OPINION: Strong transportation in Fall River a prescription for good health

March 23, 2013
by David S. Weed, Psy.D., is executive director of Greater Fall River Partners for a Healthier Community, Inc.
Herald News


Fundamentally, transportation is about access to jobs and housing, economic competitiveness, convenience and quality of life, and our environment. We know we need a good transportation system, one that encourages economic development, makes our lives easier and better, and does not harm the environment. This is as true about Fall River as it is about any community.

Transportation is also about our health. Research shows again and again that people who take public transit — in our case SRTA buses — walk many times further each day than those using cars. On average, those walking from home, school or work to the bus stop come close to achieving the 22 minutes per day of moderate physical activity recommended by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.


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