New Texas Outdoor Recreation Plan plots future for parks, healthy lifestyles

November 29, 2012
North Texas e-News

The latest Texas Outdoor Recreation Plan calls for more trails and greenways to encourage active lifestyles, new parks in or near urban areas, better access to public waters, and a review of local park grant rules to make the most of limited dollars, among other recommendations. Besides ways to improve, the plan is chock full of interesting research findings pulled from many sources.

The plan ticks off a sobering list of challenges facing the Lone Star State, including how it’s a predominately urban society where children are becoming less connected to nature and the outdoors. Partly because of this increasingly “indoor” culture, obesity and health care costs are on the rise statewide. And, like the rest of America, Texas is recovering from the biggest recession since the Great Depression, creating budget challenges for public funds. Plus, the state has been rocked by natural disasters such as record drought and wildfires, and water resources are becoming strained.

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