Joint Commission Adds Additional Weight to Importance of HCW Vaccination Against Influenza

October 8, 2012
by Kelly Pyrek
Infection Control Today


A strengthened standard from the Joint Commission is adding additional weight to the importance of healthcare worker vaccination against influenza. As of July 1, 2012, the Joint Commission requires that all accredited healthcare organizations establish an annual influenza vaccination program for staff members and licensed independent practitioners. The standard should be very familiar to many infection preventionists, as six years ago the Joint Commission required that hospitals and long-term care facilities seeking accreditation establish an influenza vaccination program which includes educating about and providing influenza vaccination to healthcare professionals.

"The Joint Commission has had  the standards IC.02.04.01 in place for hospitals for many years, going back to 2006," says Kelly L. Podgorny, DNP, MS, CPHQ, RN, project director in the Standards and Survey Methods Department, Division of Healthcare Quality Evaluation, at the Joint Commission. "When the Joint Commission conducted the field review for the revised standard, the majority of healthcare organizations that responded actually had a process in place prior to this new strengthening of the standard."



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