Obesity: A Q&A with N.J. doctor Jeffrey Levine

January 12, 2012
Newark Star Ledger


It’s that time of year, when resolutions to eat right and lose weight bloom into full-fledged, life-changing habits ... or wither and die on the vine.

Physician Jeffrey Levine, who lives in Hillsborough with his wife and four daughters, knows all about it. Levine is a family physician and women’s health specialist at UMDNJ-Robert Wood Johnson Medical School in New Brunswick. He also was a contestant on “The Biggest Loser” in 2005. Levine, who will turn 50 next month, weighed in at more than 400 pounds prior to joining the TV show. He was eliminated in the second to last week of the show, but Levine counts himself a winner.

Competing on the show gave him a jumpstart on losing more than 180 pounds. He now weighs between 270 and 275, and still struggles to keep the pounds off.

Today, he’ll speak at the UMDNJ President’s Lecture Series: “New Jersey’s Obesity Epidemic: the Role of the Health Care Professional.” Last year, the Trust for America’s Health found New Jersey, although among the least obese states, had an obesity rate that grew by 90 percent in 15 years. Editorial writer Linda Ocasio spoke with Levine about the battle of the bulge.


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