Obesity Destroying the Health of Many Oklahomans

December 19, 2011
by KJ Webb
Great Tulsa Newspapers


New Year’s Day 2012 will be an optimal, and for many, lifesaving occasion to make (or-re-make) the resolution to lose weight, get healthy and exercise regularly. Actually, for many in the state, it is a necessity and could make the difference between life and an early, preventable death. It’s time to make better health choices. Oklahoma is the only state whose death rate has been increasing since 1990.

According to America’s Health Rankings, in 2010 Oklahoma ranked 46th in the nation in overall health. In terms of the state’s health status, there’s clearly room for improvement, particularly in the area of chronic disease. Oklahoma ranks in the bottom six in the nation in stroke (49th), high cholesterol (45th), high blood pressure (44th), heart attacks (46th), cardiac heart disease (45th) and diabetes (45th).


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