National Prevention Strategy aims to keep Americans healthier, living longer

June 28, 2011
by Marni Jameson
Orlando Sentinel

Replace deep fryers in cafeterias with salad bars. Add miles of safe, lighted sidewalks and bike lanes to neighborhoods to encourage outdoor activity. Help new moms breastfeed within an hour of giving birth. Bring more farm-fresh vegetables to everyone's table.

These are among the hundreds of health goals set forth in the National Prevention Strategy, the federal government's 122-page plan to make Americans healthier, which was released this month.
A requirement of the health-care-overhaul law passed last year, the National Prevention Strategy for the first time corrals 17 federal agencies — from housing to labor — and commits them to helping shift the nation's focus from treating illness to preventing it. To hold agencies accountable, the plan sets out specific 10-year goals.

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