Walk 100 miles with me for city's health

March 24, 2011
by Karl Dean, Mayor of Metropolitan Nashville-Davidson County.

One of my goals for our city in 2011 is to make healthier choices in our daily lives and help build a culture of wellness throughout Nashville. To reach our objective, I am encouraging our community agencies, schools, businesses, health-care professionals and government agencies to turn their attention to providing and promoting healthy lifestyle choices as a means to improve health and control the escalating cost of health care. Walking on a regular basis is an easy way to make a significant change in our individual health.

We have much work to do. According to the Tennessee Institute of Public Health, the adult obesity rate in Davidson County is 30 percent, while the state Department of Health reports that 31 percent of Tennesseans engage in no physical activity. We need to get moving on changing these statistics and making our community a healthier place to live.

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