Kids can't win obesity battle without help

January 14, 2011
by Bill Cullins
San Angelo Standard-Times


One of my favorite fitness pictures was taken during the 2008 Trail Running series. The picture shows a young kid wearing a race number almost as big as she is, smiling from ear to ear as she labors up a steep rocky trail during the race.

There's also another great picture taken at a recent cycling event here in San Angelo. In that image, several small kids are on their bikes, helmets securely fastened and ready to roll, eagerly awaiting the start of the training wheel category during a local cyclocross race.

The parents of the kids in these two pictures recognized that physical activity was important for their children's health, and so encouraged them to participate in the cycling and running events.

Unfortunately, a more common activity for many kids is watching television and playing video games for hours while consuming fast food and soft drinks.


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