Itís time to say hello to a healthier you

January 2, 2011
by Robin McMacken
Dayton Daily News


Have the holidays left you feeling out of sorts and sluggishly out of shape? Did the eggnog, cookies and seemingly endless parade of potlucks, office parties and seasonal frolic add an inch or maybe two to your waistline?

You might just be a hot, Santa-like jiggling mess in need of a little nudge toward reality and self-respect.

You’re also not alone.

Join the feeling unpleasantly plump club that, according to a joint report from the Trust for America’s Health and the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, includes a startling 29 percent of Ohio adults. Ohio’s adult obesity rate was at 29 percent in 2010, ranking it 13th in the nation. That’s down from 10th in 2009, but the state’s obesity rate climbed from 28.6 percent.

Whether the lovely yet calorie-laden indulgences of the holidays or a lifetime of inactivity have escalated the battle of the bulge, don’t despair. Fitness professionals say it’s never too late to shape up and discover an improved — and wonderfully healthier — you.


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