Calley says focus will be on strong public health policy

November 18, 2010
by Todd Heywood
Michigan Messgener

LANSING — In an exclusive interview with the Michigan Messenger, Lt. Governor-elect Brian Calley said that the incoming Snyder administration will have many challenges to deal with, including boosting Michigan’s economy, balancing the budget and dealing with critical public health issues.

Calley didn’t get into a lot of specifics in terms of policy, which is unsurprising since the transition has just begun, but economic growth is clearly the first concern on everyone’s mind in Michigan. But the incoming Lt. Governor indicated that he and Snyder believed that a healthier Michigan workforce was an important factor in building sustained economic recovery.

The list of public health problems facing Michigan is long. Earlier this week, the Center for Healthcare Research released a policy brief on the impact of pre-term birth in the state. Those are births of children under 37 weeks gestation. The brief noted that premature births rose 20 percent between 1996 and 2006, helping push the annual cost of such births nationally to more than $26 billion.

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