'Tis the Season to Fight Flu Fatigue

November 10, 2010
by Jeff Levi
Huffington Post

In the midst of flu season, we, at the Trust for America's Health, want to remind everyone that a flu shot is good for you and those around you...your children, your grandparents, your barista, i.e., everyone you come into contact with.

The flu, including H1N1, is largely preventable with a vaccine, yet millions of Americans get needlessly sick.

Think you can slouch off the flu? Well, each year the flu kills between 3,000 and 49,000 Americans and costs the country more than $10 billion in lost productivity and another $16 billion in potential earnings. Yet, according to a recent poll by Consumer Reports, only around 37 percent of Americans said they would get this season's flu shot.

That number is entirely too low.

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