This Week’s Health Industry News

October 11, 2010
by By Natasha Singer and Duff Wilson
New York Times


What with federal agencies closed today for the Columbus Day holiday, it’s a short and slow week for developments in government health-care policy. But you can expect a hot week for political campaigns across the nation.

Some candidates running for office in the Nov. 2 elections are intensely debating health care, taxes and bailouts. Some endangered Democrats are running on their pro health care voting records, while others are steering clear of being tied to President Obama’s health care law.

If Republicans gain control of the House or Senate, however, the latest conventional wisdom is that they may not be able to reverse the health care overhaul signed by the president in March, but they may be able to strangle it by cutting off the appropriations. Henry J. Aaron of the Brookings Institution wrote about it last week in a New England Journal of Medicine commentary.


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