Florida Ranked 36th Most Obese State

June 30, 2010
by Lisa Gartner
Broward Palm Beach Times

The seventh annual "F as in Fat: How Obesity Threatens America's Future 2010" is, first of all, apparently an R as in Real thing. But moreover, the study revealed that Florida's adult obesity rate is 25.1 percent, making us the 36th most obese state in Americaland.

It's been a decade since I last took a meaningful look at the U.S. map, but I'm assuming there are still 50 states, plus D.C. My geography teacher was a boozer (Wellington Landings what what), so I could be wrong. But 36th most obese state sounds a lot like "16th fittest tract of land" to me. Maybe even "16th sveltest," "16th sexiest," you know, what have you.

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