We're ready to improve Oregonians' health

April 8, 2010
by Kathleen O'Leary
Oregon Live

Now that health reform is law and we are learning all of its provisions, let's move the conversation beyond health care services and focus on health itself. From where I sit, the time has never been better and we are particularly well-positioned to lead this discussion here in Oregon.

In February, the University of Wisconsin Population Health Institute released its County Health Rankings 2010, a collection of 50 reports that reflect the overall health of counties in every state in the country. Oregon's report (find it here) is important because it helps us identify factors that make our residents healthy or unhealthy and also allows us to compare our county with the other counties in the state. With this information, our local public health efforts to mobilize our leaders, partners and communities toward locally identified and implemented health improvement actions will be enhanced.

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