$1 cheesburgers are ruining America

February 2, 2010
by Cullen Wheatley
Arizona State University Press

As a guideline, let's examine the Food and Drug Administration's recommendation that 2,000 calories per day is the ideal caloric intake for the average person. To reach that number, you can go to Burger King and get two double cheeseburgers, fries, and a medium soda for just under five dollars.

Or you could take the healthy route. The caloric equivalent to the Burger King diet would consist of two apples, a grapefruit, a pear, a cup of cherries, two carrots, an ear of corn, a sweet potato, six ounces of tuna, two cups of cheerios, two glasses of orange juice, two cups of chicken, and a glass of milk. The price for all of this at Safeway is approximately $17.08.

The effects that this disparity has are obvious. Six of the country's poorest states were among the top ten most obese states, according to a report by the Trust for America's Health.

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