1.2 million Oklahomans could get swine flu this season

October 1, 2009
Tulsa World

WASHINGTON - More than 17,000 Oklahomans could fill 57 percent of the state's hospital beds if certain projections for the H1N1 virus prove correct, a report stated Thursday.

Released by the Trust for America's Health, the report also said 1.2 million Oklahomans could become ill during such an outbreak.

"Health departments and communities around the country are racing against the clock as the pandemic unfolds,'' said Jeff Levi, executive director of TFAH.

"The country's much more prepared than we were a few short years ago for a pandemic, but there are some long-term underlying problems which complicate response efforts, like surge capacity and the need to modernize core public health areas like communications and surveillance capabilities.''

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