Report: Ohio now among 10 fattest states

State ranked 15th for childhood obesity

July 1, 2009
by Misti Crane
The Columbus Dispatch

Ohio is the 10th fattest state, joining the ranks of mostly southern states in an annual report by the nonprofit Trust for America's Health. It ranked 17th last year.

The group ranked Ohio 15th for overweight young people.

Ohio's adult obesity rate is 28.6 percent; the obesity rate for people 10 to 17 years old is 33.3 percent.

In the past year, adult obesity rates jumped in almost half of the nation and didn't decrease in any state, according to the report, which was released this morning.

Mississippi fared the worst, with 32.5 percent of its population considered obese and Colorado fared best, at 18.9 percent.

Other Midwest states joining Ohio at the top of the list are West Virginia, ranked third at 31.1 percent and Michigan, ranked ninth at 28.8 percent.

The Trust for America's Health advocates changes in federal and state policy aimed at preventing obesity.

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