We aren't out of the H1N1 woods yet

June 15, 2009
by Editorial Staff
Lafayette Journal & Courier

The spring version of H1N1 was handled well by local, state and national authorities.The information was free-flowing and the public seemed to feel it was kept up to date on developments regarding H1N1, or swine flu.

In fact, a report earlier this month by the Trust for America's Health gave U.S. public health officials high marks for communication, coordination and ability to adapt during the initial H1N1 influenza scare.

Looking ahead, there's caution in the Trust for America's Health report, which was put together with the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation and the Center for Biosecurity at University of Pittsburgh Medical Center.

The report says a significant outbreak could overburden the U.S. public health system. It also addressed several areas of concern including the need for an available vaccine and improved communication at the national level.

Health officials have been advised: Adequate doses of vaccine and communication are what the (potential) patients ordered.

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