Dr. Gupta Being Considered as Surgeon General; Former Surgeon General Talks About the Job

January 8, 2009
CNN Transcript

KIRAN CHETRY, CNN ANCHOR:  Also, you clashed with the Bush administration on issues like stem cell research, contraception, other things along those lines. Under the Obama administration, do you think that if the new surgeon general felt strongly about something or disagreed that he would be free to say that?

DR. RICHARD CARMONA, PRESIDENT, CANYON RANCH INSTITUTE: Well, I really can't say because I really don't know how President-elect Obama will be setting up his administration. As you heard from the testimony that Surgeon General Koop and Surgeon General Satcher and other surgeon generals have pined over the last few decades, the office of the surgeon general needs to be looked at very differently and de-politicized and funded and supported as it should be.

Recently the Institute of Medicine released a report as did the Trust for America's Health that spoke about the importance of the Department of Health and Human Services, and the office of the surgeon general, and how they have to be strengthened and in fact, reorganized to better serve the American public.

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