Cleaner air and fewer smokers are two benefits of state's smoking ban

October 2, 2008
by by Susan R. Cooper
The Tennessean

This week marks an important milestone in Tennessee history.

One year ago, we celebrated the enforcement of the Tennessee Non-Smokers Protection Act, and the clearing of the air in many public places Tennesseans enjoy.

Most exposure to tobacco smoke occurs in homes and workplaces. For that reason, I'm pleased to see so many employers statewide go smoke-free. Estimates of health-care costs caused by smoking total $2.16 billion a year in Tennessee, in addition to $2.74 billion in smoking-related productivity losses. A recent report from Trust for America's Health indicated that if we invested just $10 per person, per year, in disease prevention programs, we could see a $351 million return on our investment.

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