Weighty issues

August 27, 2008
by Editorial
Louisville Courier Journal

Take a look in the magic mirror, Kentucky and Indiana, and see your futures: You see shorter lifespans. You see higher risks of heart disease, stroke, diabetes, cancer. You see greater health care costs. Yes, you see obesity and all its attendant ills. Again, Kentucky distinguishes itself in a bad-health report, ranking seventh in the nation for obesity; Indiana tied for 11th with Georgia. The Trust for America's Health and the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation used government surveys to calculate this misery index for its recent report. The obesity headline is not news for Kentuckians, but it bears repeating. As Dr. William Hacker, Kentucky's public health commissioner, told The Courier-Journal, "We've known for several years we have an obesity epidemic in Kentucky. It truly is a crisis of public health." A July report issued by Trust for America's Health shows what can happen if communities promote wellness and prevention.

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