Health Report Ranks States

June 14, 2006
by David Goldstein
Kansas City Star

WASHINGTON | - WASHINGTON | Missouri and Kansas look pretty anemic when it comes to money for public health, a health research group says. Both states get fewer federal public health dollars per person than many other states. And both spend less of their own tax dollars per person on public health than many other states. The findings are from a new analysis by the nonpartisan Trust for America’s Health. Missouri received nearly $16 per person in federal public health money in 2005, and Kansas got $14. The average state per capita amount was $21. “We’re were falling behind in our investment in public health in terms of core disease prevention,” said Jeffrey Levi, the executive director of the trust. “A lot has been diverted to bioterrorism and pandemic (flu) preparation, both of which are very important. But it shouldn’t be a zero-sum game.”

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