Prepping to Fight a Deadly Flu

February 12, 2006
by Emily Ramshaw
Dallas Morning News

What would a worst-case influenza pandemic look like in Dallas today? Not much different from the outbreak that engulfed the city in 1918 the year the deadliest flu strain of the last century swept across the globe, killing millions... ...North Texas isn't the only place feeling the pressure. As a whole, the nation is unprepared, said Jeffrey Levi, a senior policy adviser and flu expert with Trust for America's Health, a nonprofit health advocacy group. And in a pandemic situation, a country is only as safe as its weakest link. If Dallas County has a great preparedness plan but neighboring counties do not, the pandemic will still come to Dallas. "We can't depend on varying local resources," he said. "Where you live shouldn't determine how prepared you are, and whether you live or die."

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