Highlights from Administration Plan

February 7, 2006
USA Today

...Pandemic flu: The budget continues Bush's proposal in November 2005 to obtain $7.1 billion to prepare the nation for a potential flu pandemic. Congress funded $3.8 billion of that in December, and the new budget includes $2.6 billion for the next phase of preparedness... ..."There's no question we are better prepared because of this funding, in terms of being able to enter contracts for anti-virals, and to accelerate contracts to enhance vaccine production capacity," said Kim Elliott, deputy director of Trust for America's Health, a health advocacy group. "But certainly more is needed." The administration's proposal "seems based on the judgment of scientists and public health experts," she said, but Congress needs to approve it. "To be sure the U.S. is prepared, the $7.1 billion is a minimum. Half of it doesn't work."

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