U.S. Think Tank Details Steps to Contain Bird Flu

November 21, 2005
by Steve Sternberg
USA Today

The scenario is no longer as far-fetched as it once seemed: A killer virus on the loose; schools, stores and offices shuttered; whole populations wearing hospital masks; neighborhoods in quarantine; and people gathering in the only place they dare, on the Internet, which serves as classroom, meeting hall and church... ...What Americans will accept is a key question, says Jeffrey Levi of the non-profit public health advocacy group Trust for America's Health. "There needs to be a fairly open and honest conversation with the American public and health officials about what will and will not work and what level of restrictions society will bear," Levi says. "Think about the absurdity of the military sealing off an entire city or a neighborhood. I don't think people will tolerate that or that it's practical. How would we bring food and medicine and other essentials to this community without breaking the quarantine? But there's something in between, and that's where you need very serious public discussion."

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