U.S. Rushes to Finish Influenza Pandemic Plan

October 3, 2005
by Warren Vieth
Los Angeles Times

Even before it can tally the full cost of post-hurricane reconstruction, the Bush administration is seeking congressional support for an expanded government effort to prepare for a worldwide influenza pandemic... ...That's about what it would take to finance some of the bigger-ticket items in the pandemic plan, such as the development, acquisition and stockpiling of enough vaccine to inoculate 20 million Americans and enough antiviral drugs to help protect another 20 million, according to estimates by the Trust for America's Health, an independent policy research and advocacy group based in Washington. "We need more than just a plan; we need the resources to actually activate it," said Jeffrey Levi, a pandemic specialist at the Trust. "The real test of the plan will be whether it comes with dollars attached."

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